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JASP crashes with "unexpected internal error" when loading .jasp file

edited May 2016 in JASP & BayesFactor


I don't know why, but JASP crashes when loading .jasp files with an "unexpected internal error". Here you can find one of the files:


Edit: I realised it only happens when directly trying to load a .jasp file from Windows, thereby first opening JASP, but works fine when opening the same file from within JASP. Windows 7, JASP


  • EJEJ
    edited 10:40AM

    Hi ksemmelm,

    We have a similar issue with the Mac, and we are working to resolve it. It is interesting to know that this is also an issue under Windows 7. Of course opening files from within JASP does work, but it is a bug and we will fix it. By the way, these bug reports are best submitted straight to the GitHub page (the link is on the JASP website at That way the issues find their way directly to the programmers.


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