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slow reaction when typing

edited June 2016 in OpenSesame

Hey everyone,

I've got an experiment where people have to answer several form_text_input items (open questions where they have to type in the answers). The problem is that the software reacts very very slowly so that people have to type in slow motion with one letter pressed after the other carefully. This is very frustrating for the participants. Do you have any idea why the program reacts so slowly? It is the case both on a laptop and on a PC.

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Sofiaa,

    Have you tried changing the back-end?


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    Thanks for the quick answer! I changed the back-end and it helped a bit. It is still a bit slow but now you can type in quite fluently...
    I changed the "double buffering" to "no" in the legacy back-end.
    Do I have to stay now in the legacy back-end? Or is it ok if I change the back-end back to xpyriment? Is everything still saved the same as prior to my changes in the setting or do I have to look out for something? I'm just worrying about data loss :D

    Thank you very much!

    Best, Sofia

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    Hi Sofia,

    You can just use the legacy backend, and everything else will keep working as expected.

    The most important between the different backends is timing, and this is really only important if you are running an experiment in which temporal precision is extremely important. See:


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    Aaah that I use the legacy back-end it works perfectly! :)
    About the temporal precision...I have read that legacy back-end is a bit more inaccurate. How much more inaccurate is it? In my experiment I present pictures each for 10 the legacy back-end too inaccurate to present 10 seconds exactly? I don't have an eye-tracker or something like basically I just want an accurate presentation of the pictures (10 seconds each).

    Thank you very much for the great support in this forum!! It is such a big help!

    Best, Sofia

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    I present pictures each for 10 the legacy back-end too inaccurate to present 10 seconds exactly?

    Yes ;) The temporal inaccuracies are in the order of milliseconds.

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