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Bug report OS 0.27~pre16

edited October 2012 in OpenSesame

All platforms:

Bug: When using the "/" key in the allowed keys of a keyboard_response item, you get the following error message:

Error: OpenExp error
Description: The key '/' is not recognized by the psycho keyboard backend. Please refer to for a list of valid keys.

I haven't tested if this occurs for other special keys (other than alphanumerical) as well, but maybe the mapping of the keys that can be entered in 'allowed responses' to the psychopy key has some discrepancies.

Platform: Win7

Bug: The synth_item does not generate a sound when using the expyriment back-end. It works fine with the legacy backend. Settings in synth item are: 100 Hz with a length of 250ms and a duration of 0 ms.


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    Just to line all the bugs up that you reported here and in previous posts (thanks!), and see how far along we are with 0.26~pre17 (uploading as I write this):


    When using the "/" key in the allowed keys of a keyboard_response item, you get the following error message:

    Status solved: This should be resolved. It was a result from the fact that PyGame and PsychoPy use different conventions for key names. But I added a(n imperfect) translation mechanism.


    Regarding the sound not working on the Psycho and Xpyriment backends:

    Status solved: This should be solved. It was a result of the order in which the display and the sound was initialized.


    Sometimes when an experiment is started in windowed mode and you switch to another window (outside OS) after which you switch back to the experiment window again, it does not register any key presses anymore (including ESC). You have to force quit OpenSesame or kill the experiment window with xkill

    Status unconfirmed: I still haven't encountered this problem, so it's probably still in there. I'm not sure why you get this issue (on both Windows and Ubuntu, right?) and I don't... Very annoying, but I'll keep testing.


    Additionally, when you run the experiment in full screen, you don't get to see the consent form at all; you only get a black screen with a mouse cursor. Once you click anywhere in that black screen with your mouse, you get to see the consent form for a couple of frames, after which the screen goes black again.

    Status unresolved: This issue probably has to do with the custom mouse cursor in the legacy back-end. So I know where to look, but I haven't gotten around to fixing it.


    Regarding the bug with copy() function in the Expyriment back-end.

    Status unresolved: I reported that here, so we'll just wait until Florian (hopefully) fixes it.

    The rest of the issues that you posted were are specific to the packages in your Python configuration, right? Or did I forget to include something?


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    The rest is indeed resolved, or is specific to my own python environment. Thanks!

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