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not averwrite subject_0.csv with android runtime

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I am using OpenSesame with Androïd Runtime on ARCHOS tablet with androïd.

The costumized cognitive test works but does it exist a way to be sure to not overwrite the output file subject-0.csv?

For exemple, is it possible to insert the date in the file name? (subject-0_2016_06_07_15_34_30.csv) or to put an index to the file (ex: subject-0_0.csv, subject-0_1.csv ...)?



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    There are two ways to specify the log file:

    • Manually, through the menu when you launch the OpenSesame runtime for Android: or
    • Through opensesame-autorun.yml. If you use this way of launching an experiment (and I suspect you are), you have to edit this file to change the subject number and logfile:

    See also:


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    Dear Sebastiaan,

    Thank you for your answer.
    with android runtime , I don't manage to run automaticaly the test.

    I put opensesame-autorun.yml on the sdcard root and I modify path that correspond to a test (file osexp). When I run the android runtime, Iam always in manual mode.

    Do I use well the application?

    hank you for your help


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