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Simple coroutine question

edited June 2016 in OpenSesame


The coroutine function is fantastic, but I'm not able to get the coroutine to end after a button press. Basically I present a stimulus for 500ms, it is replaced by a blank screen for up to 1500ms (before a 2000ms timeout - and this is where the coroutine function came in handy). But I've tried setting the duration of the coroutine to 'keypress' and it doesn't seem to work - am I missing something very obvious?

Thank you!


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    That's an interesting question. Right now, coroutines has a fixed duration. But what you could do is define your own generator function in an inline_script that

    1. Checks whether a response has been given; and if so
    2. Changes the coroutines duration to 0, triggering an immediate timeout.

    Like so:

    def break_coroutines():
        """A generator that breaks a coroutine when a response is given."""
        # To start, set response to None
        var.response = None
        # Loop while coroutines is running
        while True:
            # If a response is given, set the coroutines duration to 0, causing
            # it to stop
            if var.response is not None:
                items['my_coroutines'].var.duration = 0
            # Also break if the coroutines signals that it's over
            keep_going = yield
            if not keep_going:

    You'd then add 'break_coroutines' in the 'Generator function name' field of the coroutines plug-in.

    It's a bit of a hack though ... I'll see if I can think of a more elegant way to do this.


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    Hi Sebastiaan,

    Great thank you! I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.


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    Hi Sebastiaan,

    So I am getting a 'zero division error' - float division by zero. It seems like the loop in the inline script isn't working: if I set items['my_coroutines'].var.duration = 1 then I see subsequent trials for 1ms, so the script is not only applying the 'set coroutines duration to 0' to a single trial, but to every subsequent trial.

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    Ow right! You need to set duration back to its original value before the coroutines is started. To do so, you can add an inline_script immediately before the coroutines plug-in, with the following code in it (either in the Run or Prepare phase):

    # Replace 5000 by the original duration of the coroutines
    items['my_coroutines'].var.duration = 5000
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    Works great! I placed it in the prepare phase of the main script you passed along - a super useful fix!

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