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[solved] Using pygaze logger to write multiple columns to the log file

edited June 2016 in PyGaze


Using Opensesame, I'm wanting to write multiple variables to the pygaze log, with each variable in a different cell but in the same row. Currently, using the pygaze_log item, this is fine to write multiple variables either in successive rows, or multiple items in a single cell, but if possible I'd like to avoid this. I've tried separating by a tab, as well as \t but this does not seem to work - NB I'm using a Tobii, so the data is a TSV file.
I am sure I could do this with an inline script, using the eyetracker.log(msg) function but I am concerned about garbling the log file with concurrent writing.
Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might be able to achieve this simply using the pygaze_log item? Or alternatively, do people think it is fine to do this with an inline script without the danger of mangling the log file?




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    Apologies - this is easily possible using the pygaze_log item, simply by pressing tab in the message line(s). I thought this was the first thing I tried. My bad!
    Please mark as closed.


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    Thanks, will mark as solved :)

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