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Error"Failed to open"

Hey dear OS team, I am currently writing a repor tabout a study we conducted last year using OS- although everything went fine during data collection and analysis, I cannot longer open the script to dobble check things now. There's always the error message Failed to open

Failed to open the file for the following reason:

Invalid variable name: [VARIABLE_NAME]

item-stack: ``
time: Thu Aug 11 10:45:05 2016

Is there a possibility to get access back?

Thank you for your support! Great software, great forum:-)


  • Hi Lena,

    in which version did you program your experiment, and in which version are you trying to open it now?
    Can you upload the experiment here?



  • edited August 2016

    Good question @eduard:-)- T he experiment was finished 12 months ago, but I am unsure which OS Version was the latest at that time. I have attached the file here, however, there are Videos embedded so I am not sure whether there is a possibility to open the file without having a folder with videos to refer to. For us, it would be enough to see the code-we don't necessarily have to rerun the experiment. Thank you already for your support!

  • Hi Lena,

    You created the experiment, or at least ran it for the last time, with OpenSesame 2.9.6. (You can see this by extracting the experiment file with a program like 7zip, and looking at the OpenSesame version at the top of opensesame.script.)

    You can download older versions of OpenSesame from GitHub:


  • U are my hero <3 . Thank you very much, very helpful!

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