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sending screen resolution to eyelink

I'm using pygaze and Eyelink in order to produce a video eye-tracking experiment.
The problem is that my screen's resolution is: 1920X1080 but the experiment resolution according to the edf file is only 1280X1024.
How can I send a message with the resolution of my choice?



  • edited August 2016

    Hi Eshed,

    Could you first confirm that you did define the screen resolution correctly? DISPSIZE is automatically passed (and used in this line) to the EyeTracker, and thus should be set correctly without you having to do it explicitly.

    For completeness sake, setting the EyeLink's display size can be done by using the EyeTracker class' send_command method:

    tracker.send_command("screen_pixel_coords = 0 0 %d %d" % (1920, 1080) )


  • Thanks for the answer.
    When the screen is set to 19201080, pygaze sends to the eye tracker 12801024.
    if I change the resolution manually to 19201080 the calibration dots are completly off the screen and do not match the screen size.
    The current solution I found is reducing the screen's esolution to 1280
    1024 and run the experiment in that manner.
    Any suggestion how to solve this?


  • Hi Eshed,

    That doesn't seem right at all... Are you sure the display settings are OK? It sounds like the resolution of your 1920x1080 display is set to 1280x1024.


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