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3 questions

1 how can I exclude several subjects from my analyses?
2 how can I geht the mean value of one group (out of 2)
3 is there a handbook/Website where such easy problems are explained?

Thank you so much!


  • Hi MiraSo,

    1. Right now JASP does not do data editing. So you'll have to first exclude your subjects in Excel, R, Word, or whatever data editing program you use, and afterwards use JASP. Not ideal, and we are working to include editing functionality, but on the other hand, it does make tinkering unattractive :-)
    2. We're working on making the "split by" functionality work for descriptive analyses other than boxplots, but the current version of JASP does not do this, unless you have a separate column for a group.
    3. We are working on papers, manuals, and books. From the (in prep) manual: "In addition there is a growing list of JASP resources being developed by researchers across the world. Here we mention the
      stats textbook by Craig Wendorf ( and the JASP course developed by Sebastiaan Mathôt (in French; search YouTube for “Sebastiaan Mathot” and


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