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Interpreting and reporting Bayes Anova

Hi - like many, I am a novice to Bayesian analyses. I confess to having a rather weak stats background in general (I know how to do them but am a bit fuzzy on the theoretical end of things). A reviewer asked us to report Bayesian analyses, which I did (thanks!). However, apparently my reporting was not sufficient - now I need to report "more information", in particular what prior was chosen. I'm not sure what this actually means - I have tried to read several papers (ones by Rouder, Morey, and so on) but I am having a hard time mapping the descriptions in the paper to the actual output I have... Thanks!


  • Hi JenC,

    I'm now writing a paper that explains the output. It will be done in a week or two, and as soon as that's accomplished I'll put it on my website. I have commented on similar questions before, so if you search this forum for "ANOVA", you might find something helpful there!


  • Thanks! I tried searching and came across a few things - but mostly was hoping this paper of which you speak was nearing completion!

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