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ISIs and sketchpad items

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm very new to Open Sesame. I'm trying to make a simple serial recall experiment to familiarize myself with the program. To do this, I've made a block with my six stimuli under the variable [LFword]. I then have a sequence with a sketchpad of 6 cycles within that to present the stimuli (using just [LFword]). All goes fine, but I was wondering if there is a way to have interstimulus intervals between each stimulus presentation, at a different rate? I.e. I would ideally want to have a stimulus present for 1000ms, then an ISI of 500ms, stimulus again for 1000ms, ISI for 500ms, and so on...
The only way I can think of is if I make different sketchpads for each stimulus presentation and insert delays between them, but given the projected size of some of the projects I'll be doing that may end up causing the program to crash (would be looking at about 120 trials of six items, minimum).
I have also tried to organise the block so that I have a stimulus, then a blank presentation before the next one, and changing order to sequential. But of course, because I can only change duration on the sketchpad item, that would mean both the stimuli and ISI are the same duration (not ideal).

Is there a simpler way to do this? Any help appreciated :)


  • Hey, the simplest way to do this would be to just place a second sketchpad behind the first one. Leave the second sketchpad empty and give it a duration of 500 ms.



  • Sorry for the very late response - please mark this as solved! :smile: Thanks very much for the answer.

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