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Portable Environment 0.4 Examples Not Working

Hey all,

I just downloaded the 0.4 portable Pygaze environment, and went to run some of the examples. Most of them worked, however two did not (and they are the ones of most interest to me).

When attempting to run the shooting game example, I get this error after typing in a name:

And for the Simple Tracking Experiment example, this error immediately pops up:

When I try typing anything else, the command prompt exits out.
I am using windows 10.

Any help would be really great!



  • So I was playing around with it and I got the first one to open the shooting game, the issue is that it requires you to put your name in quotes. However, it didn't turn on my webcam or anything, so I'm not sure if that is fully functioning yet or not.

    Still no luck on the second one.

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