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Displaying image on host PC and sending image to data viewer


I'm using OpenSesame (version 2.9.6) to run an experiment with Eyelink 100. I have set up my experiment and it runs perfectly, except the image of the current trial does not show up on the host (eyelink) PC, and the trial images also do not appear in the trials in Data Viewer. I know that this is an issue with Open Sesame, but I have been reading a few comments that say it is possible to get the images to show on the host PC and in Data Viewer (e.g. here: I have tried to follow the advice but my programming knowledge is too limited to make sense of some of it!

Can someone tell me if there is a way of altering my experiment to show the images on the host PC and, more importantly, show the images on the trial in Data Viewer? I have tried adding the stimuli images retrospectively in Data Viewer, but the raw images are a different size than how they are presented in the trial sketchpad/canvas so I really need to see the trial sketchpad/canvas image to ensure it is the same size, so that I know the fixations etc are in the right places.

Should I download the old eyelink plug-ins? (And if so, what other changes do I need to make to my experiment?) Or is there another way of doing it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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