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set the eye used (pygaze+eyetribe)


i need to set the eye_used (i need the right eye) to an experiment.



  • Hi mordurx,

    Are you using the EyeTribe? So far it doesn't seem like the eyetribe actually uses eye_used.
    The only function that references eye_used for the EyeTribe is in the in the comments... When the function is actually called it is getting 'psize' which is the average pupil size.

    If you are interested in pupil size, you could get only the right pupil by editing the function pupil_size() in so that it looks like this:

    def pupil_size(self):
        """Returns the most recent pupil size sample (an average of the size
        of both pupils)
        pupsize --  a float indicating the pupil size (in arbitrary units)
        global _current_sample
        if _current_sample == None:
            return None
            return _current_sample['Rpsize']

    I haven't tested this myself so no guarantees.

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