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EyeTracking with Tobii t120 in OpenSesame 3.1

My name is Arturo. I am currently working with a tobii t102(now a discontinued product) and OpenSesame 3.1. I had previously made OpenSesame work with Eyelink in another lab, but the set up was a little bit different, for EyeLink we had two computers (one for presenting the stimulus and another one that is just for the eyelink). Tobii seems to be quite different, given that it is only one that does all the job.

So i'd like to ask you for advice on how to get it to work, i was expecting it to work without that much effor, now that OpenSesame comes with pygaze and it seems to be more integrated with it. I've already tried to follow some other guides and/or posts in the forum but they all are from previous OS versions or work with more modern tobii (EyeX is quite prevalent from what i've seen here).

Thank you in advance for all your help.


  • Hello Arturo,

    Have you already tried to run your experiment by Opensesame with your Tobii eyetracker?
    If so, can you tell what is the errors and any other specific problem do you have?

  • Yes i have, i'll post a photo of the error as soon as i can, sorry i didn't thought about it before.

  • Arturo. I am also planning to try to use the Tobii T120 with OpenSesame. Did you get it working?

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