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OpenSesame 0.27 rc2

edited December 2012 in OpenSesame

Platform: Win XP - In the legacy backend, the display of the mouse cursor does not work correctly (after using canvas.mouse.set_visible(True) ). The screen flickers continuously and you see a trailing images of your mouse cursor.

Platform: Ubuntu 12.04 - Display of the mouse cursor is also not ideal. The mouse cursor flickers, and when you run an experiment in fullscreen, moving your mouse will bump it back to windowed mode after some time


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    Hi Daniel,

    Yes, the mouse cursor is a bit troublesome with the legacy back-end.

    In the back-end settings for the legacy back-end you will see a Custom cursor option. If this is enabled, OpenSesame will try to draw the mouse cursor itself. This is sometimes necessary, because on some systems the mouse cursor is not shown. But it sounds like in your case the custom cursor is causing the visual artefacts.

    Perhaps you can play around with the various back-end settings (both for the mouse and canvas), and see if you manage to improve things? Please let me know whether and how you can get it to work.


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    A quick update:

    I looked into this issue for the 0.27.1 bug-fix release. The only way I found to resolve it is by disabling the Double buffering option under the legacy back-end options. The major downside is that this also disables the synchronization to the vertical refresh, at least on my system. Perhaps you can try how this works for you, if you encounter the issue again. But there's still no real real solution, I'm afraid.

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