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Alternately select randomly from two separate lists of items

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone think of a relatively straightforward way I can make a random selection from one distinct list, followed by a random selection from another distinct list, then repeat this (without replacement), until all the list items have been selected?

So, for example, I might have a list of five animals, and a list of five colours. I want to select an animal at random from the animal list, then a colour at random from the colour list and so on. So I would end up with a collection of 10 things, in the order animal, colour, animal, colour... The important thing is that the selection is 'random' from both lists - i.e. "blue" doesn't always follow "dog" etc.

I am hoping for a clever tweak using the GUI, but if I have to descend in to a complicated inline-script, and fiddling with the data matrix, then so be it. I can just see myself spending hours debugging a script, then someone telling me it can be done in 10 seconds with the GUI :D

Thanks in advance for any advice,



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