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Problem with updated variable not working with sketchpad

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a problem that I don't seem to be able to resolve, and think it is because of the way I am doing things...
So, I have a sketchpad item, with two text areas with the same location, each showing different text. They are being displayed conditionally (run if... statements for the text areas in the script for the sketchpad item) and the variable that indicates which text area is shown is updated via an inline script earlier in the same sequence as the sketchpad.
Basically, it is not behaving as it should, even though watching the variable shows it is updated before the sketchpad item is displayed. The correct text is not being shown when the inline script should change it from one condition to another.

I suspect this is because the sketchpad items are created in a 'prepare' phase and buffered before the variable is updated then the variable is updated, then the sketchpad is shown - with the buffered display, (before the variable had been updated). Would that make sense? It is driving me mad. I am desperately trying to "cleverly" use a single sketchpad item for different displays, but I reckon this just isn't going to work and I am going to have to add more sketchpads, with "run if" used in the sequence.

Any similar experiences? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance.



  • Hi Neon,

    Could you try using a feedback item instead of a sketchpad? If it works like so, then it is really just the prepare phase issue that you described.


  • Hi Eduard. Thanks, I didn't think about using a feedback instead of a sketchpad. Yes, it looked like it was the issue I mentioned. In the end I got around it by changing the design a bit though.

    Thanks again,


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