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Backward-compatibility issue OS 0.27 with OpenGL backend

edited December 2012 in OpenSesame

In opensesame 0.27 the self.experiment.resolution property has changed from a tuple to a function. If an experiment is run which has been built using the OpenGL backend in a version prior to 0.27, OS crashes with the message
<br /> File "...OSDIR....\openexp&#95;canvas\", line 116, in clear<br /> surface = pygame.Surface(self.experiment.resolution)<br /> ValueError: size needs to be (int width, int height)<br />

The problem is solved if you change
<br /> surface = pygame.Surface(self.experiment.resolution)<br />
on line 116 in openexp/_canvas/ to
<br /> surface = pygame.Surface(self.experiment.resolution() )<br />


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