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how to control the luminous across pictures

Hi all,
my lab is running an eye tracking experiment in which we need to show all the pictures at the same level of luminance. How can I achieve that goal?
Thanks a lot!



  • Mmh, luminance correction is a difficult topic, as it depends on the characteristics of the used display. Last time I matched stimuli, I did it manually, by continuously measuring the stimulus on the screen with an optic sensor, and then adapting the stimuli until they matched.
    However, if you have a calibrated computer display you can in principle calculate the luminance for each RGB pixel, by correcting for the gamma of your display. Maybe this overview can help you further:

  • Thanks a lot! But what software may I use to adjust the luminance by unit?

  • And how can I measure the luminance?

  • Luminance is measured with a light meter usually. Last time I measured it, we used one that has a laser so it can measure at an exact position you point it to.

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