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Axis Label

When I generate a plot following an ANOVA, for example, the Y-axis is frequently unlabelled. Is there a way to program in the Y-axis label the same way that JASP automatically adds the variable name on the X-axis?


  • Can you upload an example? The new release will have label editing, but not (yet) on the y-axis, I think.

  • Here is a quick example, made using the "Bugs" example set that comes with JASP. I did a repeated-measure ANOVA, asked for the descriptive plot, and I get a labelled X-axis ("RM Factor 1") but the Y-axis is unlabelled. We see the values go from 5.6 to 6.8, but we don't know what they are or their units. If we want to use this graph for a poster, we need to manually add the label in another software. It would be convenient to have JASP automatically insert it.

  • Hi jjarryjasp,

    In later versions, we entered the text "dependent" on the y-axis. However, that is clearly not much better. The upcoming version should have the name of the actual dependent variable there (something you can adjust by editing the variable's label). Is that right, Tim de Jong?


  • I completely agree that the current plot is not informative enough.

    The reason why we chose this setup is because the data are supplied in wide format.
    This means that every level of the dependent has a unique name (for the dependent).

    What we can do is add an option to specify the y-axis label directly.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I'll get on it.

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