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Experiment help! Experiment crashes on Mac

edited March 2017 in OpenSesame


I'm in my final year at the OU and have set up an experiment. It runs fine for me on my laptop (windows 10) and fine for my brother but not my tutor (mac). The first time she tried it would load at all and complained about co-routines so I deleted all the unused bits as my brother thought he may have started one. This time she got part-way through before it crashed. It uses a lot of python script, I don't know if macs have an issue with that? I don't know enough about the software and am stumped and panicking as I'm running out of time to get approval from my tutor. Plus as she pointed out, if it doesn't run on macs my particpant pool(pulled from the uni website) may be restricted.

Could anyone help if I upload it? Maybe take a look and see if anything jumps out? I'd be incredibly grateful.

Many thanks



  • Hi Gen,

    I don't have a Mac so i don't know what could be wrong. But it might be helpful and more convenient for others to post the specific error message you encounter!


  • Hi Gen,
    I'm also in final year with the OU - DE300 by any chance? I also came here looking for help but in reversed roles (I'm on a Mac and when my tutor opens my files it just shows program script!) Anyway I downloaded your file and it opened just fine, so perhaps the Mac is not the problem in your situation?
    All very confusing! Hope we both find answers!

    Best of luck,


  • Sorry Gen - scrap the above message! All seemed fine UNTIL I got passed the consent pages etc. and then the screen just went white and I couldn't do anything - had to restart my Mac altogether! Sorry, I have no idea what the solution is - but thought I should just let you know.

  • Using Command-Option-Esc to Force Quit the OpenSesame application on a Mac might be helpfull. This prevent the need to reboot your system but it doesn't solve the problem.


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