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Data Editing/Selecting Cases in JASP

I was thrilled to find out that JASP finally has the ability to edit data. It was my biggest reluctance to use the program.

However, even the base use abilities of data editing via SPSS is great. I was wondering though: is it possible to use the Select Cases function of SPSS and conduct analyses in JASP (e.g., if I want only folks with Group = 2 included in my analyses, can I use the Select Cases function and then run my analyses in JASP with only the Group = 2 people?)

Many thanks,


  • Hi Jeremy,

    Currently, you can only edit the data file and execute the JASP analyses on the edited file. So the Select Cases trick won't work, and instead you'd really have to remove the cases you don't want to include in the analysis. We do realize that the ability to filter cases is important, so we're planning to add this to the editing capacities of JASP itself.


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