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having finally worked out how to make Opensesame show a series of words in a loop sequence and even managed to get them randomised, it always shows the last word twice? I have 10 words and have set it for 10 cycles?


  • Hi Christina,

    Would it be possible to upload your experiment here, or at least a screenshot of your block_loop item and of the overview area of your experiment?


    I have 10 words and have set it for 10 cycles

    Means that you will end up with 100 trials, right?

    So what you are saying is that instead of 100 words, 101 are shown? With the last two words being identical?



    Lotje van der Linden -

  • hi Lotje,
    There are ten words and they get shown once but its showing 11 (last one twice).
    I'm very new to Opensesame so I'm probably doing silly things wrong.
    I tried to upload my experiment but it said the file was too large (don't see why as I haven't progressed very far with it). So ive uploaded a screenshot of the loop.
    Thank you.

  • HI Christina,

    Your sequence is not part of your loop but is just called afterwards. You see what I mean? Make the sequence be part of the loop and you should be set.
    See also here for more infromation:
    (or check one of the example experiments how the experimental flow should look like)


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