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simple effect in a mixed design


I have a simple design with a Group factor (3 groups/levels) and an RM factor (2 levels).
I wish to test the difference in the RM factor between two of the three groups.

I know JASP doesn't include contrasts, and I was wondering whether I should simply enter a file containing only these two groups' results.
In the standard ANOVA, if I employ a simple effect as such, the error term is pooled across all three groups, thus I'm not sure whether the ANOVA and Bayesian results would be comparable (and I wish to report both side by side).


  • Hi MP,
    In the BANOVA, no contrast are implemented (yet). But yeah, entering a file containing only those two groups' results is the way to go. Actually, we are working on Bayesian post hoc pairwise comparisons too...but if your a priori interest was in the two-group comparison, then you can just test this. And I don't think analyses need to be completely identical -- just explain why they are sensible, what they allow you to test, and report both.

  • Hi E.J.,
    Thanks for the elaborate and quick response!

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