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problems with file path

I am almost done with designing my first experiment in opensesame (awesome program!), but I have a problem. In between my stimuli I want to show my participants a relaxing movie of some fishes with classical music in the background. My files seem to be to large to put in the file pool so I tried putting them in the experiment folder as suggested in this discussion: forum.cogsci.nl/index.php?p=/discussion/2013/moving-files-from-file-pool-to-experiment-folder
That did not seem to work. My main concern is that when I open the path of the files in the pool it does not lead back to the same folder as my experiment but a whole different folder which seems to be in my temporary files. With the following path: C:\users\310256~1\appdata\local\temp\tmppwtrz4.opensesame_pool
It seems that I cannot change the path How can I solve this and why is my _ _ pool _ _ not in the experiment folder?
thanks a lot in advance.
best wishes,


  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,105

    Hi Hanne,

    Did you try adding your files to the filepool and see what the performance is? It is true that a big pool can cause trouble, but this doesn't have to affect you much. If the performance issues are too severe, we can try to fix it.


  • SpanneSpanne Posts: 7

    Hi Eduard,
    Thanks for responding. It does effect the performance of my experiment. It are two movies of approx. 123MB played six times. Since I measure physiological responses to my stimuli the timing is kind of important.

  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,105

    Alright. Well, what you need eventually is a full path to the video file of yours, that you can put into the plugin with which you're going to play back the video. So, maybe coding it in a permanent way, would suit you? Before every time you load/play the video, you can put this in an inline_script:

    if videofile == 'fish1':
         path = "\full\path\to\your\file"
    elif videofile == 'fish2':
        # load another file

    Afterwards, use the variable path to load the video in the plugin. I haven't tested this and I don't work myself with videos, so whether it will work or not, I don't really know :)


    Thanked by 1Spanne
  • SpanneSpanne Posts: 7

    Thank you Eduard!
    I changed the location of the experiment folder to my C:/ directory and used the path command.
    Now it is working

  • DanielDaniel Posts: 367

    Hi Spanne,
    you can also place files in folders relative to your OpenSesame experiment, if I'm correct (See this function in the documentation). So if you place your videos in a subfolder videos in the folder at which your experiment is located, you should be able to get the path to a file called fish.mp4 with pool['videos/fish.mp4' ] for instance. This should also work if you place such a reference in the media_player_mpy item (thus simply videos/fish.mp4 in the file box).

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