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Participant input

Before I start the whole process of the designing my dissertation experiment, is it possible for participants to input 'correct' answers into the experiment?? What is being measured is the number of correct sequences whilst listening to music/no music?? I do not want to go through the whole process before realising this cannot be done.

Thank you


  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,105


    We need a little more information. What do you mean when saying "to input 'correct' answers?"


  • p66ppyp66ppy Posts: 3

    So… Im testing recall memory. For example numbers of 49, 29, 40, 41, 22, 55, 98. The numbers will disappear and I want to ask participants to recall the numbers by entering the correct numbers in the same order of sequence, whilst either listening to music or not listening to music (different conditions) either as a distraction or enhancement to recall numbers.
    Is it possible: a) to enter music into Open Sesame? (pretty sure you can, I just don't know how yet).
    b) (more importantly) can the participant enter input into the experiment as a way to collect data? Can this be saved and used in SPSS?

  • p66ppyp66ppy Posts: 3

    Ps THANK YOU sooooooo much for replying

  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,105


    a) to enter music into Open Sesame?

    Yes, you can. See here: http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/3.1/manual/stimuli/sound/

    b) an the participant enter input into the experiment as a way to collect data?

    Yes, this is also possible. See here: http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/3.1/manual/forms/widgets/text_input/

    Good luck,


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