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mouse response in inline script


for my study i need to present images while a sampler presents sounds and the participants have to click on the image corresponding to the sound.

I need to do it in an inline script because I created a sampler using inline script so when the participants click it stops the sampler and next trial begin.

But I've got a problem : the mouse is not visible in the canvas, it does collect response and stop the sampler, but I can't see the mouse.

I'm sure I misunderstood something easy but I can't find it.



  • Hi,

    Can you try to use following code in your script?

    ms = mouse()
    # From then on, use the ms as response collection item

    (see here)


  • Hi,

    thanks for your response. It doesn't really work. I can see the mouse only between the trial (after 2 clicks).

    Can I show you my script, maybe I did something wrong that could explain this ?

  • Hi,

    It finally worked with the my_mouse.set_visible() code line.


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