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Text input and image in the same inline (please help!)


I had to modify an existing python code (in opensesame) to fit my new experiment
(I don't know how to work with python). I'm using the latest opensesame version with Windows 7.

In the experiment, I need to constantly present two white frames.

Being a vocal-response experiment, I have a screen (written in an inline) where the experimenter types a response.
I need to:
1. Present the two white frames I have throughout the trial
2. Put the text input inside one of the two frames.

These are the urgent things that prevent me form starting the experiment.

After a week of trying anything I can think of, I am asking for your help

The file is attached.
if anyone can help with that, it would really really help me a lot!

Thank you,

These are two improvements I thought about but have no idea how to do (just in case anyone knows how to do it):

Right now, I need to click on the text box in order to write, and just pressing enter after that,
even if the box is empty will be registered as a response and the slide will move on.

It would be great if I can find a way to:
1. not have to click with the mouse inside the text box in order to type
2. be able to restrict the response so that you have to write a number (have to write something, and this can be only a number)


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