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OpenSesame install does not appear in programs folder

I have an i
ssue with installing OpenSesame. If i install it, the programm is nowhere to be found afterwards. Not in the said Program 86x folder, nor anywhere else. If i try to reinstall it i get the message that it is already installed in the Program 86x folder, while it is absolutely not. The map is not hidden or anything i tried that.

Does anyone experience the same issue?



  • Hi Anika,

    This is strange. Are you able to start OpenSesame? If yes you can click Tools >> Plug-in and extension manager which will show you the path of all plug-ins and extensions and thus the path of OpenSesame.


  • Hi Jarik, No i am not able to start the program at all. There is no shortcut or file folder anywhere to be found. Very strange.
    Best, Anika.

  • I just tried an older version. That one dóes work.
    Weird that the newest version does not work.

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