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showing numbers on the screen

Dear all,

I'm creating an experiment in OpenSesame and the idea of my experiment is to present audio stimuli randomly where participants need to indicate if the stimulus belongs to a language (X) or doesn't. I've got about 150 stimuli which I recorded as sound files and I need them to be played randomly. I would like each item to be presented along with number on the screen so participants can keep track on how far they are on the experiment (they should be numbers from 1 to 150). I tried to implement it via the number variable presented through the sketchpad, however the problem with it IS that, as I already said, stimuli need to be randomised and when I do so, the variable number gets randomised as well, which means numbers are no longer sequential. I tried to randomise in excel the sound variable and then choose sequential playing but this is not quite a solution I am afraid because actually I want my sound variable to be linked to some other variables (and they need to be randomised all together), but accept for the stimuli presentation number which I need to be played sequentially. I'd greatly appreciate if anybody could give me a hand on how to approach it!


  • Hi Tasha,

    You could create a variable that increases 1 in value each iteration through your trial sequence. For instance, at the beginning of your experiment place an inline_script with exp.trial_counter = 1. At the end of your trial sequence place an inline_script with exp.trial_counter += 1 in the run-phase. In your sketchpad, you could just use [trial_counter], which will call the value of trial_counter.



  • Hi Josh,

    That's really helpful. Thank you SO much!


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