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loop_random text stimuli

Hi there!
I need to ask you guys a question.
I want to present 74 words as text stimuli in random order for only one time. So I created 74 sketchpads for each one of them, and put the sketchpads in a sequence, and the sequence is under a loop. Is it because that I don't know how to set the loop_table, I cannot run them randomly? I don't know what the independent variable is in this situation.
It seems like not a very difficult one. But please offer me some help. Thanks a lot!

Miles Liu


  • Hi Miles,

    An easier way to do this is to create one sketchpad and then define the words in your loop.
    In your sketchpad where you want the word to appear type instead of "happy" e.g. [word].

    Then you create a loop with the colum called word. It then randomly presents the words :)
    Looks like this :

  • Hi Eva,
    Thank you sooooo much! :D
    I notice that I have another question here. That is what if I want to randomly present text and audio clips at the same time? I mean one word with a specific audio stimulus each time.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Miles Liu

  • Hi miles,

    In the loop where you have the word colum make a sound column where you specify which word goes with which sound. So in my example above e.g.

    word sound
    happy beep
    angry crying
    flower rain
    whatever screaming

    (ofc you need to have a stimulus presentation of the sound somewhere but yeah :) )

  • Hi Eva,

    It's so nice of you to reply so quickly.
    I got what you mean. And I dragged a sampler into the loop, just like what you showed of the sketchpad.
    And I put the address of the sound files into the sound file box, but when I ran the experiment, it ran nothing, presenting the message "preparing experiments, ending experiments".

    But sound4 to sound7 do exist in that file. So...
    I really appreciate any help you can provide.

    Miles Liu

  • Oh, the problem has just been solved!
    I imported the sound files(sound4 to sound7) to the file pool. And in the sampler setting window, I input "[sound].wav" in the sound file box. This time it works. :)

  • OK great! Glad you were able to solve it :)

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