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Changing the size of the rectangle around rating scale

CandiceCandice Posts: 15
edited April 24 in OpenSesame

Hi all!

I´m not a particularly tech savvy person, so this might be a silly question.

I´m making a form using inline script. I changed the size of the checkboxes on a rating scale to be bigger (by changing them on the \opensesame_resources\widgets\gray folder) but now the rectangle around them is too small. It seems to be exactly the same size as it was before I changed the checkboxes.

Is there any way for me to either (a) remove the rectangle around them or (b) make the rectangle bigger?

Thank you!


  • eduardeduard Posts: 764

    Hi Candice,

    Would you mind uploading your experiment? Then, I can play around with it a little myself.

    Thanks ,


    Thanked by 1Candice
  • CandiceCandice Posts: 15

    Hi Eduard,

    I uploaded a simplified version of the experiment. :)


  • eduardeduard Posts: 764

    Hi Candice,

    Sorry for the late replay. I tried your experiment, but I couldn't see anything weird. Your experiment looks really neat. All the boxes seem to be reasonably sized and properly rendered. What exactly would you want to have changed?
    At any case, in the folder libopensesame\widgets there is a file gray.py, in which you can define the width and of the frame, and the box, etc. I haven't tried it myself, but could this be what you're looking for?



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