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Problems with displaying Arabic letters in OS

Hi everyone,

I need to do a linguistics experiment in Arabic using OS.
I really tried hard to figure out the Arabic font issue as I write the sentences in Arabic (connected letters, as shown in OS1.jpg), but the OS displays them as disconnected letters (as in OS2.JPG) (please see attached photos!). I also attached the OS file itself.

I came across this discussion link (please see here:, but the problem seems unresolved yet.

Have you known a solution or someone from the forum who knows the solution?

I also put an Arabic font in the file pool but in vain; the Arabic letters are still disconnected.

I really hope you can solve the issue for me, you legends

Look forward to your reply



  • Hi Sam,

    I'm afraid that the issue is still the same. This is due to the font-rendering engine used by OpenSesame, which doesn't connect the letters properly; so it's not something that is easily fixed.

    An alternative would be to generate images with text, and present those. Would that work for you?


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • Thanks a lot Sebastian. I had to do images and it works just fine. I am wondering if I can present the sentence image with multiple options underneath the image, and participants can use mouse to click on the correct option. I tried that but there seems to be sth missing. Do you have any ideas how to do so. I can upload the OS file if you have time to look at it. Much appreciated.

  • Here's the file. Thanks in advance

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