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Not displaying the logo


Is there a way not to display the logo at the beginning of the experiment ? (As we do not know what influence it could have on the subject it could be better not to show it.)
And is there a way to display the expyriment and python version in the data file ?

Best regards


  • Hi boris,

    There is currently no way to not show the logo at the beginning. However, as the logo is shown already in the initialize() method, I suggest to simply initialize the experiment before your participant enters the room.

    Experiment and Python version are written to both the event as well as the data file.

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    Hi Florian,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Sometimes we can need to run two or more scripts in one sessionn so this could be interesting... (for instance we can work on phobia and the appearance of the word "Python" could be problematic).

    Sorry for not having seen the info in the data files...


  • Oh I am sorry, I just realized that there actually is a way to not show the logo! (It has been so long ago since we implemented this...)

    Just run this before initializing:

    expyriment.control.defaults.initialize_delay = 0


  • Thank you ! That's nice !

    And do you knwo if it would be possible to change the word "Ready" at the beginning of the experiment ?


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    Yes, you can call expyriment.control.start with the argument skip_ready_screen=True (see also

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