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Sending Frame Number to EyeLink


I am a researcher trying to using OpenSesame with an EyeLink 1000. The issue is that the only documented media player that supports sending frames to an EyeLink eyetracker is the media_player_gst plugin ( This plugin hasn't been maintained to support the latest GStreamer edition, thus I have to resort to using an older version of OpenSesame and an older version of GStreamer which is very buggy. I was wondering if anyone had a better solution for this or if they know if any other plugins supports sending frame numbers to the EyeLink eyetracker EDF log?

Thank you


  • Hi,

    I can't help here as I'm not very familiar with all the media players. Maybe @Daniel has an advice?



  • Hi

    Use the 'Call custon Python code' after every frame feature, see attached experiment.
    The variable frame_number is set to 0 in the first inline script. The custom code increments the frame_number, and then logs it with the eyetracker. The log command creates a variable (frame) that is used to hold the frame number. Don't have an Eyelink handy to test it, just ran it in dummy mode.

    Good luck


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