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Progress-specific sketchpads between blocks?

Hi all,

I'm struggling with getting my progress-specific sketchpads to appear at the right points during my experiment and am wondering if anyone can help out:

In a nutshell, my experiment consists of a tutorial section, block 1, block 2, and block 3. (Each block has 12 trials.) I have an inline script that randomizes the presentation of blocks 1, 2, and 3. I need certain sketchpads to appear after the participant completes one block of trials - doesn't matter what block they complete, just that they completed x number of trials.

Right now, I have the "run-if" for each of the sketchpads set to [count_keyboard_response] = 12/24/36, depending on which sketchpad corresponds with completing 12, 24, or 36 trials. Thought this would do it, but they aren't appearing at all - OpenSesame just moves the participant on to the next randomly selected block as if it were just one big block of trials.

Anything else I should check to sort this out?

Thanks so much!


  • Hi Kate,

    It depends a little on how you structured your experiment, so in case my idea does not help, you could upload the expeirment and I could have a look.

    At any rate, what could be it, is that the counter is only updated after you have prepared your sketchpad already. So that, the current number is not 12/24/36, but 11,23 and 35. Would you mind trying that? Not sure whether it makes sense.

    Good luck,


  • Eduard,

    Thanks for the reply. The 11, 23, and 35 didn't work, but it made me think of something else. Perhaps the keyboard response is counting not just the keypresses from a given block of trials but also since the very beginning of the run? (moving through prompts during tutorial, tutorial trial keypresses, etc.) Do you think that's possible?


  • Hi Kate,

    If you use linked copies of the same keyboard item, this is exactly right. YOu can instead use different keyboard response items for each loop, maybe?


  • Yes; I see. Because they are currently linked keyboard responses, I added the # practice trial responses to the # block responses appropriate for each sketchpad, but the blocks are still running into each other without the sketchpads. Should I include the space responses in the total count, as well as the number of actual trial responses (if that makes sense)? Wasn't sure if taking into account space responses was necessary.

    If I were to use different keyboard responses for each loop, then would I include a given sketchpad in each loop along with it? If so, my only issue is that each sketchpad is not specific to a certain loop; rather, it's based on overall progress.

    Really appreciate the input!

  • How about, you don't use the keyboard whatsoever and count the actual loop?

    Btw. If you upload your experiment, we would be much quicker solving it :wink:

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