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Detecting voice onset via a Serial Response (SR) box

edited May 2017 in OpenSesame

In a picture naming task, I am measuring the the reaction time it takes between the onset of the picture and the onset of the experimental subject's voice. This works fine by simply pluging a microphone into the computer and using Sebastiaan's Voice_Key script in

But I need to implement this in a 5-button SR Box (by Psychology Software Tools, Model 200A). The microphone is connected to the SR box. The SR box is detected by Open Sesame but I am having trouble in making OS recognise the microphone. In the SR box widget, I have tried with 'allowed responses = 6', but to no avail ('6' is the 'button' number used in E-Prime for the microphone).

Any tips on how to get OS recognise the microphone as a voice key in the SR box?

Thank you.



  • Hi Cristóbal,

    I think (but I haven't tried it) that there should be no difference for OpenSesame between pressing a button and detecting a voice onset, which is then coded as button 6 (I suppose).

    First things first:

    • Are you sure that the SR Box works with OpenSesame? That is, can you have OpenSesame record the normal buttons that you press on the SR Box?
    • Do you have the sensitivity of the SR Box high enough? If memory serves me, there is a dial somewhere that allows you to make the microphone in the SR Box more or less sensitive. Perhaps you've simply muted the device.


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thank you so much for your reply (and for your awesome software!).

    The SR box is indeed detected by Open Sesame. The five physical buttons of the SR box are recognised by OS. The sensitivity dial of the SR box is high enough since we have been using the box with a microfophone attached to it in an E-Prime experiment as a voice key and E-Prime records the voice onset correctly.

    Therefore, given that the hardware is working fine (the SR box buttons, the microphone jack, and the microphone itself), I guess that the problem is making Open Sesame recognise that a microphone has been plugged into the SR box. In the OS SR box widget the 'allowed responses = 6', but to no avail since OS does not detect the voice onset of the microphone (however loud I speak into it).

    I am a bit stuck at this point. I can send you the OS experiment if needed.

    Thank you again!

  • Hi again,

    Problem sorted. I have tried with a different microphone and the SR box voicekey (button number 6) works fine in Open Sesame. So, it must have been a mic incompatibility.

    Sebastiaan, you can close this post and treat it as 'solved' (or simply delete it as there has been no issue after all).


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