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How To Run A Distribution On Multiple Columns


I am new to JASP.

Let's say I have a multiple response question which is defined by Q1_1, Q1_2 and Q1_3. So if you visualize a .csv file or a .sav file you will see 3 columns of data. So assume that the possible responses are 1-7 in each column. How can I run a distribution of all 3 columns together to get a total distribution rather than a distribution for q1_1, q1_2 and q1_3 separately? If they are separate I would have to add/sum the distributions from each columns together. Any idea?

Thank you.


  • Hi mrdata2017,
    I am not 100% sure I understand the question, but if you double-click on the csv data, your favorite csv editor will open -- just create a fourth column that equals the sum of the first three, press "save", and the JASP data are updated and ready for analysis.

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