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Simultaneous presentation of beeps and pictures


I want to create an experiment with the following characteristics:
-9 pictures will be presented and each picture will be presented for 9 seconds

-During the presentation of one picture, beeps have to be presented with random intervals of 1500 or 900 miliseconds (I have an audiofile of one beep which will be rehearsed with different intervals: set duration [interval]). Participants have to react as quickly as possible on the beeps.

-After the presentation of one picture, participants have to rate the picture (pleasantness 1-9).
I managed to make an experiment with only the pictures and one experiment with only the beeps with random intervals.
Could someone give me some tips how I could present the pictures and beeps (with random intervals) simultaneously?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



  • I forgot to mention this: Half of the intervals should be 1500ms and the other half 900ms and the intervals cannot be the same for more than four times in a row.

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    Hi Sofie,

    You could use co-routines. Probably I would also use the sampler from within an inline_script instead of the samler item. That gives you a little more control.

    So your co-routine, would have the image that runs for 9000 seconds, an inline_script that starts at the same time (in which you loop over a number of intervals, present the beeps and log the responses, and a rating item that starts after the 9 seconds.

    Maybe it is even possible to do it without co-routines by just not updating the screen while the image is being shown:

    1) image_loop
    1.1) show image
    1.2) tone_loop
    1.2.1) play_tone
    1.2.2) response_tone
    1.3) rating

    Does that make sense? (sorry for the ugly scheme)

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