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reporting JASP results

Hi all!
As I have spent quite some time on browsing the forum for examples of reporting JASP output, I thought maybe a new discussion here would be nice.
First question: I really like the baws factor idea, but what should I call it in a paper? I rather like "baws", but I haven't read Sebastiaan contradicting EJW on that it may not have been a serieus term suggestion :) Has anyone used it in reporting before? What did you call it? thanks!


  • Well, my first suggestion would obviously be to refer to it as the Baws Factor so that, despite @EJ's hesitation, this becomes the de facto name ;-)

    But I believe that JASP will call it the "Inclusion Bayes Factor across matched models", right @EJ?

    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • "Inclusion Bayes Factor across matched models", that would add to my word count ;)

  • The next JASP version will present to options for "Analysis of Effects", namely "across all models" and "across matched models" -- the second one is Baws ;-)

  • awesome, thank you both!

  • Another reporting-related question: When asking JASP to copy citations for a Bayesian repeated measures ANOVA, it gives 3: Jasp team (2017), Morey & Rouder (2015) and Rouder et al (2012).

    When clicking "help" in the upper right corner, I get 4, with 1 overlapping: Rouder et al (2015), Rouder et al (2012), Rouder et al (in press) and Wetzels, Grasman & Wagenmakers (2012). Who should I cite when using this analysis, apart from the obvious Jasp team (2017)?

  • Rouder et al., 2015 (the JMP paper) is the key reference on Bayesian repeated measures ANOVA.

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