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N-back task

I'd need help in creating a 2-Back Task with digits in which I have 2 blocks containing a tot number of MATCH trials and MISMATCH trials. In the first block, the MISMATCH condition has no lures, whereas the second block contains some lures. Is there anyone who could help me dealing with this? Thank you.


  • Hi Sil,

    First, I recommend you first get familiar with Opensesame in general and how to use the loop table to create your conditions. The step-by-step tutorial is a great way to get started.

    From the brief description you gave, it is ahrd to give you good advice, but it sounds like you have a two by two design. With Lures (yes vs. no) and Match (yes vs. no) as factors. Step 3 in the tutorial is dealing with this exact problem.

    Have a look there to get started, and if you get stuck, you can ask of course again (with a little more detail).

    Good luck,


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