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Multiple linear regression across different groups

edited July 2017 in JASP & BayesFactor

My dataset has 17 subjects divided into 2 different groups (2 different types of one disease). For each group I have a repeted measure of the variable of interest - mean connectivity. I would like to perform a multiple linear regression analysis across these groups with 7 covariates in total. Is there a way to perform this in JASP that after I get the results I could associate them with a certain group? Basically, I'm interested in evaluate if the differences in the values of PCC_MC, SMA_MC and IPS_MC are correlated with one of the several covariates. But if I have a significant result, for example, cov1 will I be able to identify which of the two groups are associated to that result?

For another dataset I would like to do the same (multiple linear regression) but at this time without the repeated measures. In this case I only have the variable of interest - mean FA and the same covariates. I want to perform one analysis between subjects and discriminate the results for each group.

Thanks a lot for your attention,


  • Hi AnaF,

    We haven't implemented MANCOVA yet, but otherwise you could deal with your mean connectivity DV one variable at a time and run three ANCOVAs. This is only a suggestion after a brief consideration of the problem, there may be other methods that are better.

    With relatively few subjects and many covariates, you might run into trouble.


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