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JASP download bug (Mac OS X)

Dear @EJ,

I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the .dmg does not download correctly from the downloads page, which may affect other users. I'm running OS X Sierra 10.12.6.

  • XQuartz installed just fine.
  • When I click on Download JASP for OS X, this is what my download window looks like:

    (Note the lack of total file size information).

  • This runs for a few seconds, until the download stops with a message that "the network connection was lost" (my network seems to be running fine though).

  • I only end up with the download file rather than the complete package (i.e.

A: Just thought I'd let you know.
B: In more ego(sta)tistical fashion: is there a mirror available please / could you send me the file directly? (Email in profile).



  • Dear Cesco,

    It appears we have been experiencing some problems with our downloads. We are already looking into the matter, but I'll nevetheless forward your Email. The current discussion of this issue is on the GitHub pages, so that the programming team can also be involved.


  • Dear Cesco,
    Can you please try it again? We have set the link to another server.

  • edited July 2017

    Many thanks guys! @brunob, that did the trick for me!

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