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Python Inline Script code keeps disappearing

Hey All, I'm new and I've been going through the manual. I've come across a bit of an issue. When I enter python code into the prepare window, then save, then go to another tab and come back, the code I saved is gone. I'm in Windows 10 64bit using the latest version of OpenSesame. It's a little frustrating. I'm taking the online Python courses as well but they're updating their site on August 1st so anything I put in now in the lessons is going to get deleted there. So I have to wait a bit to get more practice in Python. I would think that if I hit save in OpenSesame, that it would save the content of the Prepare/Run windows. Am I doing something wrong? I was setting up my form using an inline script. I went to get the widget "from libopensesame import widgets" and when I went back to the window, the code I had input was gone. This has been happening a lot. Even when I start with from libopensesame import widgets. Any help is appreciated.


  • Hi Patricia,
    This should definitely not happen, just to clarify: you are typing in an inline script and when you switch screens the code disappears? It would be helpful to know a bit more, for example, between which windows are you switching, and is the error consistently occurring at the same time/when you perform the same action? It'd be great to have a look at the actual experiment to see where this behavior happens or see some printscreens

  • Hi Patricia,

    I think I encountered this behaviour before. Can you try to click somewhere outside the prepare window, before you press save? The changes you type into the inline_scripts only take effect, once you leave the window, so technically, your inline_script is still empty, when you try to save.

    In general, I agree that this can be a little annoyting. @sebastiaan, do you think this is something that can be avoided in future releases?


  • Hello Roelof,
    Thanks for the logo script. If I wanted to have the logo on every screen, could the code be placed in the backend settings instead of around widgets.

  • Hi Patricia,
    There is a way to set a standard background image; but this only works smoothly in 3.2:

    For the moment it seems much easier to just add an image to each form


  • Hey Roelof, Thanks for the info. I updated to 3.2 and it's going much better. I am able to add my logos on every form so that works great. I might try your suggestion when I get a bit more daring.

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