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Specific Keypress

Hey guys,

in a recent study we are using the Flanker-Test and we are working with young children. Now we use different sketchpads with instructions but we fear that the children could accidently press a button and thus start the test before they read everything. Because of that we do not want them to press any button to continue but to press a specific button (SPACE), where their fingers aren't close to.

Does anyone of you know if there is a possibility besides a specific duration in ms or just any keypress to continue from a sketchpad to the next?

Thank you!


  • Hi Kantartur,

    Try to set the duration of the sketchpad to 0 and add a keyboard_response_item after it. In that one, you set the allowed_response to the key that you want your kids to press.

    Does that make sense?


  • Hey Eduard,

    big thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for! Works now perfectly!
    Only Problem is that my logger now takes the new keyboard_response_items into account when collecting accuracy of the pressed buttons. So when I press the the allowed_response (SPACE) in my log-file there is one wrong-answer which lowers the accuracy. So when pressing 9 times the right button (LCTRL;RCTRL) in the sequence, the log-file says accuracy = 0,9 because it also counted the pressing of the SPACE-Button as incorrect.

  • Hi,

    Do you mind sharing your experiment and/or your sequence? What you describe shouldn't happen and did not happen when I just tried it. But maybe there are differences in the order of items that I haven't taken into account.


  • edited August 2017

    Hey Eduard,

    yes that's no problem, that is my experiment:

    After every sketchpad before the sequence I place a keyboard_response_item (NurLeertaste) so that only SPACE is accepted as keypress.


  • Hi Artur,

    If your logger would take the new keyboard_response_items into account, you would have an accuracy of 80% not 90% (given that you have two of those in your sequence). Probably the problem is related to the coroutine? Maybe you have to move the logger in there.

    In any case, the problem is not that bad after all. As long as you get the proper information about whether a response was correct or not per trial, you are good. The accuracy is a neat extra feature opensesame provides you, but you can easily retrieve it later during the analysis.


  • Hey Eduard,

    the logger can't be placed inside a coroutine but I found the Problem. I had a loop before the shown screenshot and because of that loop the two keyboard-items were taken into consideration for the log-file. When removing the loop, the Problem disappeared.


  • Ah, good that you sorted it out

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