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Running online experiment with OpenSesame

Hello all,

My need is to being able to put on a web server a protocol with short video presentations followed by questions about the videos, for an online survey.

After the instruction's page, the video would launch automatically when clicking the next button and after playing once, the new page will display the question related, and so on for the other video/question couples.

This can be easily with free survey platform but my concern is that the videos launch differently regarding the browser and the internet connection, with sometimes a "poster effect" I do not succeed to control with javascript : the 1st frame is freezed and only when fully loaded the video displays; for other the video is displayed directly.

In order to have the same experimental conditions, I would like that the video would display only when fully loaded (perhaps after a time count), and that each participant could access this stimulus for exactly the same time in the same manner.

I do not know if exists a specific version of OpenSesame which could run on a server or perhaps if someone as a recommandation for an other free software for doing that, the interest would be to control this time of presentation regarding the stimulus ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards


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