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Skin conductance measurements

I am wondering whether we would able to integrate our "Empatica" E4" wristbands (electro-dermal activity measurement tool) in an experiment based on open sesame.
Thank you!


  • Hi Inon,

    This depends on how the Empatica E4 works (which is not clear to me from a quick look at their website). Where is the data stored? On the wristband itself (probably not), or is it sent to a computer running acquisition software (mor likely)? And if the last, can you send triggers or messages of some sort to the acquisition software (i.e. to indicate when trials start and stop); and if so, how?

    These are questions best asked to the manufacturer. Then, once you understand how the device works, you can figure out how to use it in Python/ OpenSesame (which probably won't be too difficult).


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