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Reaction times only for correct answers

Hey guys,

I'm recently working on a reaction-test with 2 possible responses but only one is right.
Now in my Log-File I can see the reaction times for correct but also for incorrect answers.
To reduce redundancies I want only the reaction times for the correct responses to be saved.
Is there any possibility to do that?



  • cescocesco Posts: 24

    Yes, but I don't see that advantage. You can save all the data and then during processing (whether you use R, Python, Matlab or good old Excel) you can filter out the incorrect trials.

  • KantarturKantartur Posts: 10

    Yes of course and I also know that its not much work but I try to enhance every little bit and that still would be a little enhancement.

    That was just out of curiosity but when there is no possibility I will filter it myself.

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