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Video recording in Open Sesame

In my experiment I will show 40 pictures to each participant. There are 3 conditions, each condition shows 40 different pictures. While they view the pictures, they will describe what they see out loud. I will record their speech per picture, like so (see picture). So I will get 40 audio files per participant.

This seems to work fine, but now, in the same fashion, I also want to make video recordings of their faces during each picture. I installed VirtualDub and I got a Logitech webcam, so I thought that would be not too hard to program. But alas. I read that the video plug in of Open Sesame doesn't work properly, so I thought I would have to use Python programming to find a way around it. Anyone who can help me?

Kind regards,

Note that the audio recordings are now set on 1sec, it probably will be around 5-10 when I start testing. The video recordings will have the same time frame.


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